Events and News

Denholme Community Association meetings (DCA):

These will be held in Mechanics Reading Room at 7.00pm on the following dates:

20/01/14, 17/02/14, 31/03/14, 28/04/14, 23/06/14, 04/08/14, 06/10/14, 26/11/14 (AGM)




8th February 2014: Barn Dance in the Mechanics Main Hall.

8th March 2014: 60s Theme Night in the Mechanics Main Hall.

11th April 2014: Quiz Night in the Mechanics Blue Room.

17th May 2014: Bingo Night in the Mechanics Blue Room.

20th September 2014: Barn Dance in the Mechanics Main Hall.

18th October 2014: Haley Sisters concert in the Mechanics Main Hall.

21st November 2014: Quiz Night in the Mechanics Blue Room.




Denholme Town Council:

3rd Tuesday each month: The Town Council meets at 7pm in the Mechanics Institute and the public can come and speak for the first ten minutes. However, anyone can come and sit and listen to any Council meeting, but not to speak.

1st Saturday each month: The Town Council meets at 9.30am to discuss planning issues.


Film Night: First Friday in the month in the Mechanics Blue Room at 7.30pm. Cost 4 for adults, children aged 14 and under 2 and over 60s 3.


Pilates: Monday 7-8pm in the Mechanics. Cost 5.50 per hour paying weekly or 30 for 6 sessions. Email:


If any group would like to publish their event in the Denholme column of the T&As Yorkshire Observer, then please contact Tina Watkin, their Local Reporter on 01274 834 273 or e-mail Copy must be sent to her 11 days before the event. Tina is also on the committee for Bradford Community Broadcasting (BCB 96.7 fm to 106.6 fm) and has a two hour programme on Thursday called the Afternoon Stretch with Alan Keeling from 2-4 pm. She is always looking for guests to talk about interesting things they have done or are planning to do or about difficulties faced in general regarding community issues. Anyone wishing for an interview on air can contact Tina on


Tina also has a slot for writers only, which runs monthly on a Tuesday evening from 6.30 pm to 7.00 pm. It is called the Scribe Slot and is not for well published folk, but a step on the ladder to fame with the backing of the Bradford Writers Circle name behind it. If you are an aspiring writer who may wish to be interviewed, then log on to their website for details at

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